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Liu Bao Dark Tea 2008

Liu Bao Dark Tea 2008

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This is my go to tea for when I feel blimpy and bloaty in my digestive system. It is so relieving that I find myself drinking this tea late into the evening hours. 

The deep fermentation of Liu Bao Dark Tea 2008 is a reflection of its age. Fermentation is super beneficial for digestion and regulating the stomach and intestines (e.g. think sauerkraut or other fermented healing foods). As a result this aged dark tea promotes fat loss, increases energy, lowers glucose levels and is anti-aging. The tea is full of nuts and herby fragrances. It has a slightly sweet and smooth taste with earthy almost muddy notes. Bonus, Liu Bao Dark Tea 2008 taste and healing properties get even better with age, as it continues to ferment – making it a great addition to your collection.

This tea is only available in Canada, the US, the EU, and the UK.

Top Effects

🎯 focused
⚡️ energetic
😌 relaxed


• Anti-aging
• Weight loss
• Lowers glucose
• Relieves bloating and digestive issues, overall gut healing
• Anti-inflammatory, which is preventative to many chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases, arthritis
• Nourishes the stomach, soothing gastrointestinal issues
• Reduces fatigue, energizes the body (it is about the tea energy/qi not just caffeine)
• Reduces free radicals in the body, is cancer preventative

Ayurvedic Dosha


Best Time to Drink

can be drank at any time of the day (due to fermentation it has less caffeine feelings in the body and max digestive relief)


🍃5-7 grams 🚰150ml 🌡100°C ⌛10-20 sec (6+ steeps)

Brewing Method:
wake up tea
brew 1: 10-20s
brew 2: 20s
brew 3: 30s
brew 4: 40s
brew 5: 50s
brew 6: 1 minute
Adjust based on personal preference

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