Our Why

We sell tea because tea is healing. It is as simple as that. 

Tea is a natural medicine for the heart and body. It has been used in ancient eastern practices for mindfulness, meditation and physical healing for centuries.
What we know now is:
    1. The world today is hella polluted. Our culture, like our attention, is scattered and unhealthy. And so many bodies are experiencing chronic sickness with no clear path to healing.
    2. Ancient and indigenous wisdom is the way forward. Their way of life is sustainable and caring to all living beings. We f*cked things up in a few hundred years, while they lived in harmony for thousands. 
    3. Tea and tea practices have supported ours, and others that we've served tea to, physical and mental bodies (we even have Oura ring evidence!). We, and this planet, are in need of healing and mindfulness.
Back to what is wise and likely true. Tea can heal. So we sell tea.