small farm euphoric teas

We curate teas that can change your day, alter your state of being. They are sourced from small farms that care about our planet and in turn your body.

Our States of Being Collections help you choose the tea that would support the mood, attitude and vibe you are striving for. 


Our Tea Collections

Thriving means interconnectedness to everything.

So, we follow our beautiful planet Earth’s design:

slow(er) /
creating things quickly can equate to decisions that do not honour people or the planet ; making things slower, like hand-picked tea or handmade teaware using natural materials

symbiotic /
mutual care and benefits from the labourers to you ; fair wages, kind work conditions, care for labourers and their families’ well being

circular /
nature is interconnecting circles in every direction, a shared existence ; supporting you is supporting me ; thoughtfulness with each step