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Tides of Tea

Ru Kiln Xishi Shaped Teapot

Ru Kiln Xishi Shaped Teapot

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One-of-a-kind, handmade duck egg blue glaze is burnt into the teapot using the Ru Kiln method, which creates an intricate web of thin cracks. This Wabi Sabi style aesthetic dates back to the Song Dynasty. 

The mastery of this teapot can be seen in the sphere inside the teapot that prevents tea leaves from going into the spout and the subtle cracks on the surface. 

Ru Kiln is a process where temperature-controlled techniques are used to create cracks on the surface of the glaze. Each piece would have a unique pattern and the cracks will absorb the color of the tea as time goes on. 

The Xishi shape of this pot is legendary. The story goes that Xi Shi was the first of Four Beauties of ancient China. Born at the end of the spring-autumn season she was ‘given’ to the King of Wu as part of an espionage operation and helped bring down the state of Wu in 473 BC. The teapot is a homage to her elegant and full figure – round teapot body showing her gentle face, a small spout embodying her graceful mouth, and a handle shaped like an elegant hair bun. A stunning tribute. 

This teapot ages with grace. Pour tea, and bring forward the unique cracks and beauty of this teapot.


This teapot is 200ml. Perfect for 4-7 people.

Care Instructions

Clean with hot water and baking soda before the first use. Then simply rinse with hot water after each use.

Avoid using soap, as it may damage the clay, and remove the tea patina. If necessary, use baking soda and warm water to clean the teapot.

The pot's intricate web of cracks will show over time.

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