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Tea Consultation

Tea Consultation

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Are you unsure of what tea would be right for you?

Would you like to select a tea that aligns with a mood or activity?

Do you want some help identifying what tea that could support your body?

If so, you can book a 25-minute call with Parul Bansal, the founder of Tides of Tea. She is closely acquainted with the tea healing and can offer insight into what teas and tisanes would be best suited for your body.

This call is not medical advice, if you require medical attention please consult your physician.

Once you purchase this service, you will be emailed a link to book a time in Parul's calendar. As well, you will receive 20% off of your tea purchase up to $200 usd as part of this tea consultation.

note: This discount only applies to tea. 

What tea does to us

Tea is as ordinary as you are. That is to say, you are hardly ordinary. Your uniqueness is visible in each moment and steep of life. As is tea. Ever changing with time. Offering different qualities despite it being in the same form. Shifting with age, temperament, and intention. You are steeped in life, as tea is in nature. Expansive. Immersive. Effervescent.

This is an ancient practice that offers healing qualities through its plant medicine and energetic properties. The essence of leaves from old trees brings you into presence with yourself, nature, and our interconnectedness.

Benefits of a tea consultation

Tea and herbal plants offer different kinds of healing to your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Sometimes it is difficult to discern what tea does what. This is a private session with you and Parul to unpack some of your desires and concerns to determine the best tea for you.

Parul is using her knowledge of the teas, Ayurveda, and witnessing many other bodies consume these teas to help triangulate the tea that could align with you.

Please note that this call is not medical advice, if you require medical attention please consult your physician.

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