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Tea Lovers Minimalist Tea Set

Tea Lovers Minimalist Tea Set

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Ready to start your daily tea ritual? Do you want tea tools that brew the perfect cup?

Our Starter Tea Kit is ideal for any tea lover or new-be to tea. This Tea Kit includes an assortment of teas, our minimalist glass teapot, and two tea cups.

This teaware supports you in brewing the perfect cup of tea for one to four people. There is a filter on the spout of the teapot allowing the tea to expand fully, and dance before your eyes (unlike most tea balls or tea strainers). Small and mighty, these compact, easy to use and highly functional tea tools are ideal for any space and every tea drinker. 

Loose leaf tea is a whole world. The taste of our teas are silky, rich and complex. Plus our teas can be brewed multiple times, so you can experience all the layers of a tea blooming. We have curated a selection of herbal, caffeinated, or a mix of herbal and caffeinated teas for you to choose from.

Each tea has its own taste, health benefits and experience. When drinking tea in a quiet presence, you will feel the gentle effects of the tea on your body. In ancient cultures they say tea is one of the strongest conduits of energy and a carrier of your intentions.

What's Included

- Minimalist Glass Teapot
- Two Minimalist Glass Tea Cups
- Three 10g teas (all herbal, all caffeinated, or mixed)

Select Your Tea

(1) Herbal Pharmacy (all herbal)
This collection of teas will offer healing and support for your body. Key benefits, in order of the teas below, are as follows Immune boosting and flu, digestion and detox, menstruation / menopause

Teas: Mini Chrysanthemum, Agarwood Leaf, Black Wolfberry

(2) Creative Boost (all caffeinated)
This collection of teas will boost your productivity and creativity. Imagine dreaming with your eyes open and your focus steady and alert.

Teas: Anshi Moon Beauty Aged White 2022, Earthy Clean Shou Puer 2006, Wild White Bud

(3) Sunrise to Sunset (mixed herbal and caffeinated)
A mini tea program to help you, in the order of the below teas, energize, get clarity, and rest.

Teas: Earthy Clean Shou Puer 2006, GABA Purple Grape, Agarwood Leaf

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