GABA Roasted Oolong

GABA is a “new” tea, relative to the thousands of years of tea history; fresh tea leaves go through an oxygen-free (anaerobic) fermentation that increases the gamma-aminobutyric acid (aka GABA) in the tea leaves. This is cool because GABA is a common neurotransmitter inhibitor in your central nervous system. Translation: GABA blocks stimulation of nerve cells so you can actually relax and reduce feelings of overwhelm.

Made by a master roaster and third generation tea farmer, GABA Roasted Oolong has a thick and smooth taste that rolls off the tongue. It has an aroma of toasted pine nuts and mulberry, though it has not taste berry or fruit taste. The effects of the tea are remarkable — mind-calming, anxiety and stress reducing, support sleep, and overall you feel into yourself.  GABA is the same ingredient used in many SSRIs, but in tea form is it is subtle and naturally occurring. 

Perfect to help you get into a restful state as the sun sets.

Tea Details

cultivar: oolong, camellia sinensis
status: conventional  
method: handpicked
season: 2022
region: Taiwan

Tasting Notes

slight roasted, toasted pine nuts 
subtle mulberry aroma 
smooth, complex
medium-bodied taste

Brewing Details

serving size per person: 3-5 grams or 1-2 tbsp
water temperature: 100°C 

gong fu style | small teapot 

amount of water: 150 ml
brewing length: 15, 20 sec, +10 sec for each steep after
number of steep: 6 steeps

western style | mug or french press 

amount of water: 300 ml
brewing length: 2 minutes
number of steep: 2-3 steeps

  • Relaxed

    A mellow feeling, like a compilation of calm, ease and tension release in the mind and body. Leaving you in a state of contentment, peacefulness, and inner stillness.

  • Grounded

    You feel of this earth. Centeredness, stability and connection to the present moment. There is a sense of inner calm and slowness that allows a gentle awareness to your environment and emotions. 

  • Winding Down

    Slowly disengaging from the world. Feeling less stimulated and gently transitioning into a more soothing state where your mind and body slow down. A sense of peace washes over you. 

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Stillness Collection

This tea supports your nervous system, soothing the body and mind. Simply the aroma produced from the leaves has a natural calming effect that can reduce symptoms of stress. The state of stillness is the gift of slow living and deep rest in our fast paced world.

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Benefits of this Tea

  • Relieves insomnia and supports sleep
  • Reduces anxiety, stress and overwhelm 
  • Improves mood and focus 
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Accelerates the metabolism