Tai Ping Red

If you like black teas like English Breakfast or Assam, you will love this tea. This is a really special tea where the health benefits are considered first. The aroma of this tea is dried rose, tea bark and a hint of sandalwood. It is creamy in texture, slightly sweet, astringent (acidic + bitter) aftertaste. 

Cute story about this tea: Shen Shen, the farmer, purchased this tea farm specifically to grow organic, healing, high energy tea from ancient tea trees. She was searching everywhere in China for high quality red tea. She couldn’t find what she was looking for. So she took it upon herself to make what she wanted. 

Tea Details

cultivar: camellia sinensis
status: agro-chemical free  
method: handpicked
season: 2022
elevation: 600 m
region: Tai Ping, Anhui, China

Tasting Notes

notes of dried rose and sandalwood
slightly earthy, woody, lingering sweet taste
floral and astringent aftertaste 
warm sensations move through the body 
creamy, bold taste, medium-bodied

Brewing Details

serving size per person: 3-5 grams or 1-2 tbsp
water temperature: 100°C 

gong fu style | small teapot 

amount of water: 150 ml
brewing length: 15, 20 sec, +10 sec for each steep after
number of steep: 6+ steeps

western style | mug or french press 

amount of water: 300 ml
brewing length: 2 minutes
number of steep: 2-3 steeps

  • Energetic

    You feel your vitality pulsing through you. Like a bolt of lightening you are filled with bounds of mental and physical energy. At the height of well-being, your motivation and attention can be directed as you choose.

  • Uplifted

    A feeling of lightness and happiness cascades over your entire being. Giving space for joy, optimism, and calm. You cannot help but smile with this energetic boost. You feel radiant. 

  • Focused

    You feel like a laser with intense clarity. You have a sense of purposeful alert attention. Distractions dissolve and you have a heightened sense of concentration and control, which equals productivity.

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Activation Collection

A source of “clean” energy to fuel the body. This tea activates your mind, motivates your attention to focus and is sustaining without a huge dip, which is rare.This tea wake up your energy, qi, shakti, life force energy. This energetic feeling gives space for expansion and gentle power in the mind-body. 

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Benefits of this Tea

  • Anti-aging
  • Lowers cholesterol 
  • Weight management 
  • Supports blood flow and pressure
  • Nourishes the stomach, soothing gastrointestinal issues 
  • Antioxidant, which reduces free radicals in the body
  • Reduces fatigue, energizes the body (it is about the tea energy/qi not just caffeine)
  • Anti-inflammatory, which is preventative to many chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases, arthritis