Volcanic White Peony 

The beauty of Bali is mirrored in this White Peony tea. Grown at the footsteps of a volcano and Bali’s most spiritual mountain, Mt Agung. Surrounded by rice fields and temples on UNESCO World Heritage protected lands. The rich volcanic soil makes this tea’s nutritional content potent and the many temples that surround the organic, biodiverse tea farm adds to its energy. Not to mention the tea farmer plays spiritual music to his plants. 

You can feel the tranquil energy of Balinese culture transcend on you as you sip this white tea. It’s soft floral, honey aroma is quite different to the velvety, subtle bittersweet taste. Leaving you feeling elevated and grounded. Not to mention this tea is high in antioxidants, volcanic soil trace minerals, and flavonoids making this tea especially good to reduce anxiety, improve heart health and digestion. We love drinking this tea for an afternoon pick me up, before a creative session, or to share at a social gathering.

Tea Details

cultivar: camellia sinensis 
status: biodynamic, agro-chemical free 
method: handpicked, small batch, processed on-site
season: November 2022
elevation: 1000 m
region: central Bali, Indonesia 

Tasting Notes

citrusy, earthy, floral notes
complex and mineral rich
sweet like spring water
slightly bitter (especially if brewed too long)

Brewing Details

serving size per person: 3-5 grams or 1-2 tbsp
water temperature: 75-80°C 

gong fu style | small teapot 

amount of water: 150 ml
brewing length: 45 sec, 60 sec, +30 sec for each steep after
number of steep: 4-6 steeps

western style | mug or french press 

amount of water: 300 ml
brewing length: 3-4 minutes
number of steep: 2 steeps

  • Energetic

    You feel your vitality pulsing through you. Like a bolt of lightening you are filled with bounds of mental and physical energy. At the height of well-being, your motivation and attention can be directed as you choose.

  • Heart Centered

    Untethered the shoulds of the world. You enter a state of authenticity, where your heart, emotions and inner knowing are your compass. You are emotionally tuned in, while feeling relaxed and grounded. 

  • Creative

    Inspired to create you are dreaming with your eyes open. Your imagination swirls and you find a sense of flow. Like a river your insights, ideas and perspective merge into new creations. 

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Dreamer Collection

Floating while present and in your body is where dreaming in the clouds meets vision. Giving space for creative expression. This tea provokes a level of receptiveness, aliveness and playfulness — all requirements to be in a state of inspired dreaming. 

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Benefits of this Tea

  • Anxiety reducing 
  • Stress relief
  • Promoted digestion 
  • Glowing skin 
  • Weight loss
  • Uplifting mood 
  • Support heart health