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Agarwood Leaves

Agarwood Leaves

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Agarwood leaf is my go to herbal tea to start and end the day. I feel relaxation in my stomach almost immediately, relieving bloating and digestive discomfort. Then it gets better, these tea leaves are from one of the most sacred trees in Hindu culture, the Agarwood tree. You know this tree, well atleast its smell, as it is a popular incense and essential oils.

This herb is soothing on the body and mind. It has CBD like sensations, calming the nervous system into a mellow state. The herb’s bitter taste is smooth, almost sweet, like burnt caramel. It is known in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine that bitter tastes support the release of digestive enzymes, and wow do you really feel that. On top of that, Agarwood Leaf is also rich in vital elements such as calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium. There is not a lot written about this herbal tea outside China, so google searches kind of fail here, but its feelings and effects are obvious when you drink Agarwood tea.

Top Effects

🌱 grounding
😌 relaxed


• Digestive relief
• Decrease bloatedness
• Calms the mind reducing anxiety, stress and overwhelm
• Improves mood
• Accelerates the metabolism

Ayurvedic Dosha


Best Time to Drink

anytime is a great time


🍃6-8g 🚰150ml 🌡90-100°C ⌛6+ steeps

Brewing Method:
wake up tea
brew 1: 60s
brew 2: 60s
Then add 15 seconds to each brew after
Adjust based on personal preference

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