Agarwood Leaves | Qi Nan

The leaves of this herbal tea are from one of the most sacred trees in Hindu culture, the Agarwood tree. This history of this tree dates back thousands of years for its unique fragrance and medicinal properties. 

It is soothing on the body and mind, calming the nervous system. The herb’s mildly bitter taste is smooth and sweet, like burnt caramel. It is known in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine that bitter tastes support the release of digestive enzymes. This tea offers relaxation in the stomach almost immediately, relieving bloating and digestive discomfort. It is also rich in vital elements such as calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium. This tea is a perfect way to start or end your day.

Tisane Details

type: herbal, non-caffeinated 
cultivar: aquilaria sinensis, agarwood tree leaves, qi nan 
status: conventional
method: handpicked
season: 2023
region: southern China

Tasting Notes

slightly bittersweet and nutty taste
earthy and woody undertones
burnt caramel 
a subtle dry feeling in the mouth

Brewing Details

serving size per person: 3-5 grams or 1-2 tbsp
water temperature: 100°C 

gong fu style | small teapot 

amount of water: 150 ml
brewing length: 40 sec, 30 sec, +15 sec for each steep after
number of steep: 6+ steeps

western style | mug or french press 

amount of water: 400 ml
brewing length: 4 minutes
number of steep: 2 steeps

  • Grounded

    You feel of this earth. Centeredness, stability and connection to the present moment. There is a sense of inner calm and slowness that allows a gentle awareness to your environment and emotions. 

  • Relaxed

    A mellow feeling, like a compilation of calm, ease and tension release in the mind and body. Leaving you in a state of contentment, peacefulness, and inner stillness.

  • Sleepy

    Slowly disengaging from the world. A gentle transition into a more soothing almost sedative-like state where your mind and body slow down. Feelings of peace washes over you. Lingering thoughts of your bed palace arise. 

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Stillness Collection

This tea supports your nervous system, soothing the body and mind. Simply the aroma produced from the leaves has a natural calming effect that can reduce symptoms of stress. The state of stillness is the gift of slow living and deep rest in our fast paced world.

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Benefits of this Tisane

For centuries, Agarwood tea has been used to calm anxiety and sleep disorders.

On a biological level the primary mode of support this tea offers is flushing toxins from the body ranging from mercury to wine. In the detoxification of the body many benefits could follow suit, such as:

  • detoxing heavy metals 
  • digestion and bloating
  • hangovers 
  • weight loss 
  • constipation 
  • relieves anxiety and stress
  • supports deeper sleep
  • reduce inflammation 
  • preventative ageing of the skin 
  • stabilises blood sugar and blood flow
  • preventive of neurological disorders caused by toxin build up

Note: in this detoxification of the body expect to pee more! 

roots tangled deep below
temple of the earth 
for centuries 
plant medicine 
and where it is grown

agarwood tree 
fruits of this tree 
not at all what you think 
luscious brown leaves 

for the mind, body and soul 
the liquid gold you seek
is in the cup of this tea