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GABA Purple Grape

GABA Purple Grape

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GABA Purple Grape is a “new” tea, relative to the thousands of years of tea history; fresh tea leaves go through an oxygen-free fermentation that increases the gamma-aminobutyric acid (aka GABA) in the tea leaves. This is cool because GABA is a common neurotransmitter inhibitor in your central nervous system. Translation: GABA blocks stimulation of nerve cells so you can actually relax and reduce feelings of overwhelm.

GABA Purple Grape has light sourness, shades of berries, floral and toasted rice notes, and reminders of apple juice, 90s kids childhood vibes. The taste is smooth and gentle, just like its effects, which are mind-calming, anxiety and stress reducing, support sleep, and overall you feel into yourself. This tea has CBD-like effects. Perfect to help you get into a restful space before bed.

Top Effects

🌱 grounding
😴 sleepy
😌 relaxed


• Relieves insomnia and helps you sleep
• Calms the mind reducing anxiety, stress and overwhelm
• Improves mood
• Reduces blood pressure
• Accelerates the metabolism

Ayurvedic Dosha


Best Time to Drink

at or before sunset


🍃7g 🚰150ml 🌡95°C ⌛8-10 steeps
This tea is best brewed in a preheated glass or porcelain tea ware.

Brewing Method:
wake up tea
brew 1: 10-20s
brew 2: 20s
brew 3: 30s
brew 4: 30-40s
brew 5: 50s
brew 6: 1 minute
Adjust based on personal preference

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