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Sweet Melon Vines

Sweet Melon Vines

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Jiao Gu Lan is basically a superhero. It is known as a fairy herb or southern China’s ginseng. The Chinese call jiaogulan an “immortality” herb and claim it has rejuvenating properties. Why: Because this herb acts like an adaptogenic — it goes to the parts of your body that may need healing and holding. 

There are a surreal amount of health benefits given the compounds in this Jiao Gu Lan tea. Compounds like saponins and gypenoside, which are used to support diabetes by lowering blood pressure, lowers high cholesterol, obesity and anxiety. In ancient times this herb was used to treat many ailments including respiratory issues such as chronic bronchitis. Currently, many are researching the positive effects of Jiaogulan on the body. 

Jiaogulan is a vine that climbs mountains in regions of Southern Asia. There are many different types of Jiaogulan, with different potencies of health benefits and tastes. This variety of jiaogulan has a nice floraly, herby, bittersweet taste and strong potency of the healing compounds.

Top Effects

😌 relaxed
🎯 focused
🤤 hungry


• Prevents hair loss
• Improves memory
• Supports weight loss
• Strengthens immune systems
• Increases you energy, stamina and endurance
• Supports respiratory issues e.g. chronic bronchitis
• Calms the mind reducing anxiety, stress and overwhelm
• Promotes strong heart health, lowers blood pressures, lowers cholesterol
• Increases resistance to environmental stressors (it’s an adaptogen)

Ayurvedic Dosha


Best Time to Drink

anytime is a great time


🍃5g 🚰200ml 🌡100°C ⌛6+ steeps
This tea can taste very strong if left steeping too long.
Sometimes less time steeping is a good time drinking. 🙃

Brewing Method:
wake up tea
brew 1: 10s
brew 2: 10s
brew 3: 20s
brew 4: 30s
brew 5: 40s
brew 6: 50s
Adjust based on personal preference

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