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Earthy Clean Puer 2006

Earthy Clean Puer 2006

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This is an OG tea produced by OG tea masters. Literally all the tea farmers who cultivated this Shou Pu'er Loose Leaf 2006 Tea were masters at their craft and now retired. The energy of this tea is really special because the time it was cultivated was so ‘clean’.

In 2006 social media and internet presence did not really exist in China. Why is this important? Well the Chinese believe that every object embodies the breath and energy of the creator. The focus and craftsmanship of these tea farmers is truly tasted and felt in this tea. Not distracted by all things that steal our attention and energy today. Allowing the energy of this to be true and simple. The tea body is clean and mellow, with warm wood and earth breath; bringing people into equilibrium with the natural uplifting energy of a pu’er and the groundedness that only time and care can offer. This tea ferments over time, which makes this tea better with age and healing to any gut related problems, and autoimmune and inflammatory issues. Shou Pu'er Loose Leaf 2006 is definitely a tea for your collection as it ages beautifully.

Top Effects

🌱 grounding
🎯 focused
🙌 uplifted


• Anti-inflammatory
• Any and all gut issues
• De-bloat you and relieves digestion
• Calming to the mind, reducing stress and anxiety
• Cancer preventative by reducing free radicals in the body
• Supports autoimmune illnesses like MS, alopecia, etc
• Weight loss (effects are similar to green tea)

Ayurvedic Dosha


Best Time to Drink

earlier in the day


🍃5-7 grams 🚰150ml 🌡100°C ⌛15 sec (6+ steeps)

Brewing Method:
wake up tea
brew 1: 15s
brew 2: 20s
brew 3: 20s
brew 4: 30-50s
brew 5: 60s
brew 6: 75s
Adjust based on personal preference

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