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Anshi Moon Beauty 2022

Anshi Moon Beauty 2022

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This Moon Beauty Aged White Tea lives in the liminal space. A space between worlds. It doesn’t fit into any category. Its leaves never see the sun, as it is dried under the moon. It is aged, yet it holds beauty. It is grown in the province of pu’er teas and pressed into a tea cake like a dark tea, yet it is a white tea. On one side the leaf is black and the other side is white. A perfect misfit. 

Moon Beauty is an Aged White Tea that tastes soft, sweet and thick. Because of its mild fermentation this tea does not taste very bitter as many white or green teas do. It can withstand a higher water temperature and can brew many times. You feel gentle power rolling through you - alert, focused, yet gentle and heart centered. Plus all those delicious health benefits that white tea offers. This Moon Beauty Aged White Tea is best to drink during the day when you want to get deep, focused and drawn into your work, craft, or ideas.

Top Effects

🎯 focused
❤️ heart centered


• Anxiety reducing
• Stress relief
• Promotes digestion
• Glowing skin
• Weight loss
• Uplifting mood
• Support heart health

Ayurvedic Dosha

all – grounding for vata, uplifting for pitta, settling for kapha

Best Time to Drink

during the day


🍃5 grams 🚰150ml 🌡80-90°C ⌛6+ steeps

Brewing Method:
wake up tea
brew 1: 30s
brew 2: 40s
brew 3: 60s
brew 4: 1.5min
brew 5: 2min
brew 6: 2.5min
Adjust based on personal preference

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