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Sun Moon Lake Ruby Red

Sun Moon Lake Ruby Red

Ruby 18 Sun Moon Lake

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This honey fragrant red tea (also known as black tea) embodies layers of flavour that unravel in each sip. This tea is harvested from the mountainous region of Sun Moon Lake, which is truly as beautiful as it sounds. 

This Ruby 18 is grown on a family farm in this region and handpicked and processed by third generation tea farmers. The aroma is robust and floral with hints of honey and malt.

The first sip offers a smooth and velvety texture that fills the mouth with a fruity sweetness. In later cups the tea notes become more complex and layered. Like a full body glass of red wine, the tea is dry and brings a warm and relaxing energy to the body.

The tea's energizing properties can stimulate creativity and focus, making it a perfect choice for a morning ritual or afternoon break. This tea is delicate balance between strength and subtlety.

Top Effects

😃 happy
😌 relaxed
🎯 focused


• Anti-inflammatory
• Anti-aging
• Increases blood circulation
• Reduces fatigue, energizes the body (it is about the tea energy/qi not just caffeine)
• Reduces free radicals in the body, is cancer preventative

Ayurvedic Dosha

best suited for kapha or vata

Helps to wake up sleepy energy in the kapha body, and helps bring heat to vata bodies. It may be firey for pitta bodies.

Best Time to Drink

earlier in the day


🍃2-4g 🚰150ml 🌡100°C ⌛6+ steeps

Brewing Method:
wake up the tea
brew 1: 10s
brew 2: 10s
brew 3: 20s
brew 4: 30s
brew 5: 40s
brew 6: 50s
or according to your taste!

If left steeped too long this tea can get that bitter and astringent taste, which is why we recommend a conservative serving size to prevent that feeling, if undesired.

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