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Tides of Tea

Taiwanese Miaoli Clay Tea Cups - Field of Flowers

Taiwanese Miaoli Clay Tea Cups - Field of Flowers

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Handmade tea cups from Miaoli clay. Each teacup is absolutely unique and one of a kind. Made by a young Taiwanese ceramicist, Zhou Shengjun, who is on the rise to be a master ceramist. He brings fresh eyes and new energy to traditional styles, as you can see by the teacup coloring. 

This clay is collected from riverbanks in the Miaoli region. It has very special energetic properties and is the reason why we chose these teapots.

Overall this teacup will enhance the flavor, aroma, and overall tea-drinking experience. 


There is a description of the clay written in Chinese by the clay makers. The translation shares the wisdom, though in a slightly less poetic way.

Taiwanese Miaoli clay:

This clay has far-infrared properties, similar to volcanic rock, crystal stone, serpentine, etc. The clay has an energy that is absorbed by biological cells increasing the vibration of molecules, which activates the tissue cells, is dehumidifying, antibacterial, and more. 

Far-infrared ceramics are like an energy convertor, reducing radiation in the body. The ceramicist uses material science to develop a series of products which can be used to soften water quality, mellow tea leaves, reduce astringency, reduce the spiciness of spirits, and it significantly strengthens metabolism. 

It is a true treasure.


2 cups



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