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Aged Rock Sheng Puer 2017

Aged Rock Sheng Puer 2017

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Need some energetic balance? This is your tea. Pu’ers tend to have a robust, strong energy to them, punchy like a smooth double espresso . This Yan Shang Sheng pu’er 2017 on the other hand offers balance. It feels like polarities within yourself merge – masculine and feminine, elevated and grounded, ideas and action.

This Yan Shang Sheng Pu’er 2017 comes from wild, 100+ year old trees (sounds like wisdom to me) from a tea garden on stoney land. The leaves of this tea are smaller than normal, which creates a more delicate taste. This tea is as sweet as spring water and has the floral aroma of a sesame orchid. Not to mention it is great for people who have sensitive stomachs.

Top Effects

😃 happy
🎨 creative
⚖️ balanced


• Weight loss
• Improves mood and can reduce anxiety
• Nourishes the stomach, soothing gastrointestinal issues
• Reduces fatigue, energizes the body (it is about the tea energy/qi not just caffeine)
• Reduces free radicals in the body, is cancer preventative

Ayurvedic Dosha


Best Time to Drink

earlier in the day, offering you beautiful balance in yourself that is truly lovely


🍃5-7 grams 🚰150ml 🌡100°C ⌛10-20 sec (6+ steeps)

Brewing Method:
wake up tea
brew 1: 20s
brew 2: 20s
brew 3: 30s
brew 4: 40s
brew 5: 50s
brew 6: 1 minute
Adjust based on personal preference

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